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    Unable to configure Flex sdk 3.4.1 on Flex Builder 3.

    Charly Arnold Geddam



      I am trying to configure Flex sdk 3.4.1 in FB3 so that i can use System.disposeXML() in my desktop application. After pointing to the 3.4.1 sdk, i changed the namespace in -app.xml to 1.5.2 and also modified target-player from 9 to 10 in the framework classes, flex-config.xml, air-config.xml and build.xml. The application showed no compilation errors but when i run it, i get the following error-


      TypeError: Error #1006: disposeXML is not a function.
      at SampleApp/init()[C:\Charly\Workspace_personal\SampleApp\src\SampleApp.mxml:10]
      at SampleApp/___SampleApp_WindowedApplication1_creationComplete()[C:\Charly\Workspace_person al\SampleApp\src\SampleApp.mxml:2]...


      Please let me know if i am missing anything and guide me as to how to configure Flex sdk 3.4.1 on Flex Builder 3.


      Thanks & Regards,