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    Echo cancellation in a P2P chat



      I'm working on a P2P chat using Stratus, while everything works fine.. the audio echo cancellation is turning out to be a huge issue, and from the reading that I was doing it looks like a problem with the Flash player not supporting it.

      But if thats the case then how come chatroulette.com doesnt have this problem since they too are supposed to be using Stratus and a P2P connection for audio and Video..


      If you have any ideas or suggesstions to fix this echo cancelling issue it would really help

      This is what we are trying to use to suppress the echo but with no luck


                          mic.codec = SoundCodec.SPEEX;
                          mic.framesPerPacket = 1;



      Thanks in advance



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          Hi, yup I have similar issues.


          We've implemented a video phone application for our kids game / social network but the echo issues are just mental.


          Haven't used Chatroulette.com, just seen the (rather duff) interface. Are you sure they don't haven't go echo issues? If they don't they maybe they found a way to hack Adobe's proprietary connect pro plugin.


          Now that would be interesting - presumably they wouldn't want to turn off Chatroulette, so then we could also use it.


          Otherwise I'm afraid the prognosis doesn't look promising. Checkout