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    Accordion Scrolling

      I'm super new to Flex as in I started using it last night. I've done fairly well between Google and the Programming Flex 2 book. I have an Accordion with 6 headers. The 5th header's child and another Accordion. It will be dynamic and may contain anywhere from 5 to 20 children. Currently, if the child accordion exceeds the vertical limit it begins to scroll. However, I need to force the parent accordion to scroll and not allow the child accordion to scroll at all. Any tips are appreciated.

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          peterent Level 2

          You are setting yourself up for a difficult time with this requirement. The Accordion won't scroll and it doesn't have scrollbars. The container parent of the Accordion may get scrollbars if the Accordion becomes larger than its parent. So what you'd have to do is have one of those large components tell its parent Accordion to become large enough to show that child wholly and then tell that Accordion's parent to become larger which should get you scrollbars.

          But I have to tell you, what you describe sounds like an awfully hard to use interface.