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    Newbie looking for some help Importing video...


      I am using a Sony XR100 Handycam camera, working strictly in Standard Def for now.  By default, the XR100 saves the video files as MPG files, (MPEG2-PS according to the manual).


      The video files that I copy onto my HD play beautifully in WIndow Media Player, but once I import them into Premiere Elements 8, the video gets very grainy and pixelated.


      Default format of the mpg's is:

      720x480 (1.2121)

      29.97 FPS


      When I create a new project, I am choosing the "NTSC>Hard Drive...>Widescreen 48KHZ", (I also tried NTSC>DV>.....) option, which I think is correct.


      What am I missing here?  The weirdest part is, I just got finished with one project and my videos looked fine in that one, but for the lift of me I can't figure out what I'm doing different....


      Thanks for your help and here are the specs on my system:


      Window 7 Ultimate

      Intel Core i7 950

      6 GB Ram

      Dual GForce 9800 GTX video cards, SLI enabled.

      EVA E758-a1 motherboard.


      I have installed the latest patch from Adobe, and also have the latest video drivers installed as well.