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    How do you insert Bullet points using TextLayoutFramework


      I've just moved over to using Flash builder 4 and was quite excited to use the new TextLayout framework as a lot of the flash applications i create use a lot of text editing and formatting. One of the selling points to moving to Flash Builder 4 was this new TextLayout framework which would solve a lot of the limitations i had with the previous versions of Flex and Flash.


      One of the formatting tools that i've been using over the years is Bullet points. I've been searching forums to find out how to do this using the  TextLayout framework only to find out its not available. I've found away to get round it by inserting a dot at the first character, setting the start indent to a minus number and setting the paragraphStartIndent to a positive number. Though this works it isn't the best solution. So i'm going back to using the a flex textarea and the setformat.


      If anyone knows if bullet points can be used with the TextLayoutFramework could you let me know how this can be done. If it can't does anyone know if adobe is going to add bullet points to the framework soon.


      Sorry to rant on but the bullet point feature has been available since Flash MX and now with new developments they seem to have removed it. Why?