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    Auto update win7


      Is anyone else seeing this?

      I  understand Adobe feels an occasionally used doc viewer is oh so  important it must update NOW and restart the system like a win service  pack or something but come on!

      Isn't the P in Pdf for portable?

      How  about a portable viewer that is not so embedded?

      Why my rant this  time since this is SOP Adobe logic?

      Unless you are sitting at  win7 pc when it DEMANDS an auto update it locks up the interface and no  mouse function without reboot.

      Then of course it DEMANDS once  again and of course RESTART AGAIN!!!!

      Does Adobe even test  anything?

      Nice to see they fixed the flash blunder where you could  not even see their home page, let alone d/l it.

      Time to find some  open source alts?

      Off to google to try and find a fix or simply  disable auto notify!

      Loving win7 ALWAYS on except win adobe pulls  their stunts!