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    Horizontal Scrollbar in List not working




      I've got a List component set up but some of the text exceeds the space available and so I'm trying to add a horizontal scrollbar as well as the vertical one.  In the component inspector I've set the horizontal to "on" and given it a width of 200 (my component has a width of 150).  However, it cannot be scrolled and I get this error message:

      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
      at AWorkingFile1_fla::MainTimeline/baseData()


      Is it actually possible to get the scroll bar to work?  Some of the other posts I've read make me think not.


      Any help much appreciated!





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I doubt that the error you are getting is related to the scrollbar issue.  The 1009 error indicates that one of the objects being targeted by your code is out of scope.  This could mean that the object....
          - is not in the display list
          - doesn't have an instance name (or the instance name is mispelled)
          - does not exist in the frame where that code is trying to talk to it
          - is animated into place but is not assigned instance names in every keyframe for it
          - is one of two or more consecutive keyframes of the same objects with different names assigned.
          If you go into your Publish Settings Flash section and select the option to Permit debugging, your error message should have a line number following the frame number which will help you isolate which object is involved.

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            HLPearce Level 1



            Thanks for that, it's an error I have seen before and that has helped in making sure everything is named.


            Unfortunately... although the error message has gone away the scrollbar still does not work.


            It cannot be moved left or right and the arrows usually at either end of a scrollbar are not present.


            Any ideas?