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    non-display a node in flex tree

    Ramesh Katakam Level 1



      i have requirement that i don't want to display particualr node in flex tree but that node has to be there in the xmllistcollection data.




      <Node_669 enable="true" matlPath="202" state="unchecked" termID="202" termName="abc" termTypeID="1">
        <Node_101296 enable="true" matlPath="202|65" state="unchecked" termID="65" termName="abc1" termTypeID="2">
               <Node_101306 enable="true" matlPath="202|65|305" state="unchecked" termID="305" termName="abc11" termTypeID="2"/>
               <Node_101308 enable="true" matlPath="202|65|831" state="unchecked" termID="831" termName="abc12" termTypeID="2"/>


      from the above i don't want to show a node with termname "abc12" in flex tree but it has to be in data provider

      pls help me