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    is parrallelElement right for this


      I need to switch the httpStream between high,medium and low quality videos - the end-user will choose via the UI.


      Is using a parrallelElement the way to go?


      Obviously I'd like the current time/playhead to stay the same across each video and not revert back to the start each

      time a video is requested. The docs suggest a parrallelElement can do this.





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          bringrags Level 4

          If you're using FMS 3.5+ or HTTP streaming, then you can use VideoElement with DynamicStreamingResource, and let the switching happen dynamically.

          If not, then it's fairly simple to provide the switching logic up front (use VideoElement, but set the URLResource based on whether the user picked high, medium, or low).  But it's far more complicated to switch during playback.  A ParallelElement is probably the wrong tool though, that's intended to show multiple pieces of media simultaneously.  You could try using a ProxyElement that wraps three different VideoElements and only exposes one.  The hard part will be keeping the three in sync, I'm not sure you'll be able to do that and have a good user experience.