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    Big problem! I hope I didn't erase my entire site!


      Ok, I thought I knew DW to a decent degree until today. I have two websites - I'll call them Site A and Site B. Site A is rather extensive and I upload to it all the time. Site B is something I only fool around with from time to time. I had created a "site" for it in DW, but never developed it there (I had used a different webpage building program to build it).


      I had Site A open in DW today, and I wanted to start building my Site B finally there, too. So in the Files panel on the right while in Site A I clicked on the drop-down menu and selected my dormant Site B. I got the pop-up menu and was fooling around with my username and password information - which I had forgotten. DW, meanwhile, had populated the Files menu with my sparse Site B information. Since I couldn't remember my password at the time, I decided to mess with it later on, and when I tried to go back to my Site A and make a few changes there - I couldn't find it!


      Site A doesn't appear in the drop-down menu like I thought it would (and like Site B always does when I'm in Site A), and no other options I try finds it. I can manually navigate to Site A through File -> Open in the Files panel, but all my Site A files won't populate in DW. I can just open one single page at a time this way.


      At least I know I can download all my Site A information from the server as a last case scenario, but I'm not sure even how to do that with DW. It only wants to hunt around through my Site B website, no matter what I do.


      Can someone help?

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          Ken Binney-GnPIX3 Level 4

          Perhaps you never created a site definition for site B?

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            Dr_Atomic Level 1

            I think I know what I did wrong. Since I already had a site in DW labeled Site B, I selected it and clicked Edit in the Site Definition box that popped up. The information for some reason filled in the blanks was all for my Site A for some reason (I guess since I had never actually set up Site B). I went in and changed the info in the text boxes to reflect my Site B information, which was a big no-no, I'm sure. So I think it basically re-wrote my Site A to morph into Site B. So I just went back and did it in reverse, and my Site A is back up.


            I think I'll just delete my Site B in DW, since there's no information in it anyway. Then go in and select New to create a new site, instead of editing my Site A again and give myself a heart attack.


            If anyone has a better suggestion, please let me know.