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    Applescript keeps stopping for user interaction

    dmtetard Level 1

      I use this great applescript for turning my indesign layers into photoshop layers:



      It asks for a folder to put a temporary pdf, then asks some preferences (indesing pdf export preset, color mode, pagenumber, resolution and anti-alias on or off). Then the script should run fine untill all indesign layers are nicely turned into rasterized photoshop layers.


      This used to work perfectly untill today i had to use the script again. For some reason the script keeps stopping for user interaction.

      Photoshop gives me the "Open" dialog box, then the "Import PDF" dialog box (not using the settings that the script asked for), the same "Open" and "Import PDF" dialog boxes for the next layer, then a dialog box to name a duplicated layer, the "Close document" dialog box, the "Preferences" dialog box, "Canvas Size" dialog box... you get the point.

      All stuff the script should do automatically.


      I'm not into scripting myself but it used to run fine without presenting me all these dialog boxes. Any help appreciated!