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    Flex 3.5 Rich Text Editor Bold Button is Selected by default?

    flashharry! Level 1

      Hi and thanks in advance,


      I'm creating dynamic forms via action script in flex builder with SDK 3.5.


      One part of this form is a rich text editor, it creates and works just fine, but I have one little annoying issue the bold button is defaulted to on (selected)


      The funny think is, if I lose focus on the text area of the RTE and de-select the bold button, as soon as I set focus to the text area again the bold button is toggled back on. This leads me to think that the text area which is empty is some how bold.


      if I show an alert Alert.show( String( _rte.boldButton.selected ) ) after the RTE as been added to the form is shows false.


      Even if I set  _rte.boldButton.selected = false just to be sure it still displays the bold button as selected.


      Its a basic RTE the only thing I'm doing is adding a validator if its required and removing the link bar






      Any ideas are very much appreciated

      flash harry...