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    Scripts menu

    Sashikala Balasubramanian

      To execute a script many times we had to go to File menu ->Scripts and then select the script.

      Is it possible to assign a short cut key to each script in the script menu. This will make the job easier.


      Is there any method to execute a script with not much difficulty.




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          Mike Sofa Level 2

          As of Illustrator CS4, the answer is no.

          However, you can create an action which includes a script using "Insert Menu Item..." and assign an f-key to the action. But the action will "forget" the script step every time Illustrator is restarted. As of CS4.

          Or, you can assign a shortcut to the sub-menu "Other Script..." command, and it will bring up a dialog box which can be navigated using the arrow keys. At least you can stay on the keyboard instead of pointing and clicking on a menu.

          We'll have to wait just a little bit longer to see about CS5.

          Hope this helps.

          Mike D.