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    AdvancedDataGrid Renderer Challenge




      I have an AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider with its columnIndex set to 0 and columnSpan set to 2.


      In this configuration, the node open/close option disappears and I am interested in finding the easiest way to restore it while maintaining the renderer in the described configuration.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Sameer Bhatt Adobe Employee

          Do you want the Group renderer with open/close arrow to span two columns? See this sample -


              <mx:AdvancedDataGrid  initialize="gc.refresh()">
                      <mx:GroupingCollection2 id="gc">
                                  <fx:Object name="A" sno="1" />
                                  <fx:Object name="B" sno="2" />
                                  <fx:Object name="C" sno="3" />
                                  <mx:GroupingField name="name" />
                      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn dataField="name"/>
                      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn dataField="sno"/>
                      <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider columnIndex="0" columnSpan="2"
                                                           renderer="mx.controls.advancedDataGridClasses.AdvancedDataGridGroupItemRenderer" />