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    Error #2032 Dissapears when intercepting requests with Fiddler

    Craig Swank


      Last week, on an air application I've been developing for about 5 months, I started getting the following error when a page is saved in my app:


      faultCode:Server.Error.Request faultString:'HTTP request error' faultDetail:'Error: [IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: http://localhost:8000/save?incident=A&xpath=/gearboxincident/page[3]" errorID=2032]. URL: http://localhost:8000/save?incident=A&xpath=/gearboxincident/page[3]'


      I've read lots of posts about the various causes, and all the responses pointing you to Juda's blog for possible fixes. 


      On certain pages of my app, I get this error about 50% of the time the request is send, the other 50% everything works as expected.  When the error does happen, I have confirmed that my local server that this request is sent to sends back the same response as when the error does not occur.


      Here comes the crazy part.  I wanted to look more closely at the http traffic that is going back and forth between the air app and the server, so I installed Fiddler so I could look at the request/response headers.  When I start Fiddler, the error will not happen.  When I shut down Fiddler, the error pops up again.


      This has got to be a bug in flex/flash/air/whatever, right?  Does this sound like a ticket should be submitted?