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    A Server side framework, which works  great with Flex......

    Spencer.Liang Level 1

      BOS Framework is a service-oriented framework based on J2EE and Spring.


      With BOS Framework:
      (1)  You may design service input/ouput,DAO, Session Bean visually and then BOS Designer will generate source code automatically.

      (2) BOS Framework uses XML as the data format between client and Service Dispatcher, so you can call BizObject Service from many kinds of clients such as JavaScript, Flex Action Script,Java Stand-alone application and so on.

      (3)BOS Framework uses Java BizObject as the data format between Service Dispatcher and business logic processing layer, so you don't need to know anything about xml in business logic processing layer
      (4) To facilitate calling BizObject Service from client, BOS Designer can generate automatically client side BizObject,for example,ActionScript BizObject



      Please visit http://www.bosmatic.com/ for more details.