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    Flex UI breaks on scroll when swf embedded in Portlet


      Hello Folks, I have a freaky problem here :-


      1. My SWF works perfectly fine when accessed through the HTMLs generated by Flex Builder, however the UI (only VBoxes / Hboxes / Custom Components) breaks on scrolling when the same SWF is embedded in portlet (The scroll bar is a SWF scroll bar)

      [Please look at the attached image]


      Before Scroll



      After Scroll




      2. This happens only on IE and not on Firefox

      3. The Data-Grids do not break on scrolling.

      4. I removed the styles on the SWF and it worked.

      5. The VBoxes and components are generally added through a repeater.


      What is strange is that this does not happen if the same SWF is run in the html generated by Flex Builder


      We have looked at Themes of the portlet and also tried all possible ways in flex (like calling validateNow(), updateDisplayList etc. on the scroll event)


      Would appreciate if somebody can throw some light on this.