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    Adobe Reader Update v8.0.0 -programmatically turn it off-


      I have developed a patch for 1200 PCs.  Part of the patch removes previous versions of Adobe/Acrobat reader 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, and installs Reader 8.0.0 unless the Reader 8.0 is already installed in the Program Files Directory.  I do not want v8.0.0 to update itself to 8.2.0, or any version.  I want to programmatically disable the update routine.  I do not want to go into the Local Settings directory structure as there may be many users per PC, and the interrogation per PC would greatly reduce the performance of the push.

      Ideally, hacking the registry is the best solution, alternatively, I could deactivate some Adobe file within the Program Files, or Common Files directory system.  Can someone help me with that?   If the the Reader updates, it will crash a sensitive archiving application suite.


      Remember, I am working with 8.0.0, and not 8.2.0 where 8.2.0 has the update engine that runs in the Program Files / Adobe / Reader directory.

      Any help?