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    Make a word doc

      I have a to enter data into a word document and then email it out.

      So far, I have

      Saved the word document as htm, which created 5 extra files of the header and images within it.

      Edited the main document to include db sourced data, and pointed the original references of the 5 extra files to the same directory, allowing the attachments to all be saved in the same place.

      Created and saved the file in a directory, using a savecontent tag and then cf file as a .doc.

      Sent the email with the attached file.

      What I would like to do is create the word document so that it includes the header and images in a single file rather than relying on the user to save and then open the document. It would also be good if I could force the view into print view when it opens.

      Is it possible?