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    Help with software recomendations


      Hi all, im looking to buy video editing software but im having trouble choosing wich one. Adobe Premiere Elements 8 looks good but I dont know if it can do what I need. I mostly need it to make AVI files that can then be saved as a smaller file size but with the best quality. I'll list what I need to do:


      I am using a Canon MV630i that uses tapes (Mini DV?) I need to know about good software to buy that can do:

      1. - capture video from my cam corder

      2. - be able to resize to any format

      3. - able to convert videos essentialy from about 300mb - 1500mb and make them to as little as possable mainly as *.AVI but retain the quallity

      4. - needs to have video effects like fade in and fade out

      5. - I need to add a black border around the video file of varied boarder size and colour and be able to position the video within the boarder

      6. - to add or remove sound imbedded in an AVI file

      7. - to splice together files and save them as one file as an avi


      I am needing this for a game making program called "A.G.S - Adventure Game Studio" the video files have to be AVI files, and my cam corder using Windows movie maker only has limited editing, and the files are too big to put in my games.

      I need quallity to be the most important factor, after the initial capture from my cam corder, quality and then file size.

      When I use Windows movie maker the file specs from my cam corder capture are 720 x 576 as an AVI but the file size is too big I dont know if it can capture at any size bigger than 720 x 576

      Any good list of programs will be appreciated, I dont want any "free" from the internet progies I need a full program package please...




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          In general terms, PrE can do all of this. The one area that is a bit of a gray area is the compression of the files to the smaller sizes. If your gaming program can use DivX CODEC in the AVI wrapper, then all will be fine. That, however, could be the limiting factor. You might need to check out AGS to see which CODEC's it can work with.


          If you do go with PrE, I strongly recommend that you look into Steve Grisetti's books, his Learning Series and his Boot Camp articles, all available on Muvipix.


          Some keywords to look for, based on what you wish to do would be:


          Color Matte

          Crop Effect

          Unlinking Audio & Video

          PiP (Picture in Picture)


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As there is often confusion on what "AVI" translates to, this ARTICLE might be useful to give you some background.


            In your case, with the miniDV tape input, you will be looking to Share/Export to AVI, but NOT to a DV-AVI, which has very specific Frame Sizes, and other aspects. You will be looking at using the AVI wrapper, but with a compression CODEC inside, like the above mentioned DivX, or similar.


            Good luck,