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    cmyk to pantone


      I have a clients logo which I converted from a raster image to a vector image for printing purposes. The problem is the logo was created with gradients and now I have to convert it from CMYK to two Pantones... The final result should be two pantone plus screens of the colors. I was planning to use Illustrators recolor art but I have 230 individual colors to convert. HELP.

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          Luke Jennings Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know any easy way, but this will work...

          Go back to your original raster file, in Photoshop, duplicate the layer, use image> channel mixer and curves to separate the file into a cyan layer and a magenta layer (or whatever sep. is closest to the intended spot colors). Save as grayscale. Bring each layer into Illustrator, live trace, and colorize each layer to the two spot colors, set the top layer to overprint (or multiply) and flatten.

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            Deniselh Level 1

            Thanks Luke.