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    How insert a "cancel button" (back button)



      I have in sequence two dynamic list/form

      list_1 > form_1 > list_2 > form_2


      I need to insert a cancel (or back) button in list_2 to go back in form_1

      This button must be the same provided by ADDT in form_1 or form_2


      thanks for your help (I hope)


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          Albert S. Level 3



          One way to do it is on list_2 add a Custom Transaction

          Developer Toolbox->Server Behaviors->Forms->Advanced->Custom Transaction


          Specify your DB

          Select Starter Transaction ->Form Variable -> Name it KT_Back1

          "When Finished" -> Select desired page. form_2

          Make sure other tabs are blank->Hit Ok


          Now add the button to list_2

          <input type="submit" name="KT_Back1" value="<?php echo NXT_getResource("Cancel_FB"); ?>" onclick="return UNI_navigateCancel(event, 'includes/nxt/back.php')" />



          if your includes folder is not structured how you see in the UNI_navigateCancel function then you will need to fix that.



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            Gabrinskie Level 1

            Hi Albert,

            thanks for your quick response.

            I followed your suggestion. Everything seems to work.