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    CSH WebHelp opening 2 windows on launch, not 1


      Hi, everyone. I'm using TCS2, RH8.02 to develop a context-sensitive WebHelp system for our javascript app. For many months, the Help worked fine. Then I noticed that when using Chrome (not supported but used internally by Dev), a blank window opens first and then the Help window opens. Now the blank window appears every time the Help is called, even in our standard browsers (IE8 and Firefox). The correct topic does open eventually in the second window and everything works fine. However, I'd love to get rid of that first blank window. The developers have never implemented CSH before and it's been years since I've set it up, so if I need to provide more info, please let me know.


      Here is an example of the call being used by Dev to call the Help:


      Here is a screen cap of the blank window that opens first:

      Blank window.png


      Here is a screen cap of the Help window that opens second:

      Help window.png


      Thanks for your help!