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    Feedback forms on a NTFS server

    charlesarnold Level 1
      Greetings Robofolk,

      I have published a WebHelp system on a windows NT file server, the company Shared Drive. Our VB developer wrote a script to write the data from the input fields to a .txt file on the server. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to make it function. We can write to a file on the local drive when the system runs from the local drive (C:). We can write to the file on the Shared Drive when the system runs from the local drive. But we cannot write to a file on the server when the WebHelp system is loaded from the Shared Drive.

      Our developer is stumped. So am I.

      We suspect that it may have something to do with the way the server access permissions are set up. If so, it's futile to attempt this, as we can't obtain special permissions for all our users.

      Anyhow, has anyone had any success with a feedform in a WebHelp system hosted on an NTFS?

      Happy Friday to all,

      Charles Arnold
      MetLife DI
      Tampa, Florida

      PS: The script appends each submission to an existing file. It does not create a new file for each submission.