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    Setting clone/healing sample points with a script.

    jugenjury Level 2

      Is it possible to set a clone and/or healing sample point with a script? I prefer to clone and heal onto a blank layer so having a way to set the sample point on another layer using a script would save a lot of time. Otherwise I have to go back and forth between the layers.


      I can't always use the "Current and below" setting due to the different blend modes on some layers. It would also be difficult to hide all other layers while doing this since I can't really see the overall effect it has on the image.


      What I'd ideally want to do is keep the blank clone layer active and when I set the sample point, set it from the layer below the currently active layer.


      More info: The blank cloning layers are set as a Clipping Mask for the original. I'm using CS4.


      Thank you.