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    Any way to skin PE8 or get a more readable UI?

    Terry Wysocki

      I've been using Pinnacle Studio for quite a while to do my video editing but it's an old version and so I thought I'd "upgrade" to something newer/better and decided on PE8. I already have CS4 but the full Premier interface had more on it than I could figure out so I bought PE8. I like the interface overall, but I'm annoyed to no end by Adobe's efforts to look cool and have such an unreadable UI. Maybe they wanted to go back to their Apple roots and appeal to the artists? The fonts are nearly microscopic (maybe of necessity), but did they have to do it with shades of grey on grey - I'll bet there's not one place that has a solid black on white. Yeah, I know I can make the screen brighter or dimmer, but the lack of contrast is what bugs me. I'm a newbie and I'd like to read the content on the screens, not use it as a coffee table decoration. My eyes hurt from all the squinting I have to do with PE8.