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    Exported projector.exe file - sound turning off after a while

    Fetster77 Level 1

      I have exported a flash clip as an exe flash presentation file. I am using Windows 7 with flash player 10.


      The flash clip contains 4 seperate video files (movie trailers) which have been imported into flash. I am able to play these fine by running the exe file created in Flash (CS4).


      After a while (10 min or much longer somethimes) the audio goes off but the flash movie still plays without the audio.


      Any ideas what could be wrong?


      I have also improved the quality of the video files that I am using within the flash movie (downloaded them as HD video files and converted them to f4v files in Adobe Media Encoder and imported them into flash to play with flv component. Unfortunately when I try to play the published exe file, when it comes to play the imported video elements the audio plays fine but the images of the movie are jittery. Am i doing something wrong?


      Thanks in advance