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    Need Help with my Flash File

    Linda Valentin

      My flash file continues to loop at the end ignoring my stop and pause comands.

      It works perfectly up to the last frame/command. I want it to loop back to the first image and it does but then the movie won't play correctly there after. Is there any one who can help me with this file, please?


      Thanks for your time.


      Here is how the file looks



      Here is the swf



      Here you can download the orginal FLA file

      http://cid-04caffbb2769932f.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/FLASH%20HELP/2010^_FHNRZ^_Header.f la


      Thanks for the help

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          Linda, I'd love to help you.  Unfortunately, I'm still on CS3, without an upgrade until this summer, and it looks as though your fla file was made in an earlier version because I can't open it.


          If no one else will offer help, then I'll be happy to do so if you SAVE AS a CS3 file.

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            Linda Valentin Level 1

            Thank you so much for offering your help. I saved the fla to a CS3 format.

            You can download it here: http://cid-04caffbb2769932f.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/FLASH%20HELP/2010^_FHNRZ^_HeaderCS 3.fla


            Thanks, Linda

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              riquigley Level 2

              Hey Linda,


              A couple of questions:


              1. Explain to me exactly how it is suppose to work?  The first banner comes up with the red arrow button, and the user can click on the red arrow button to make the text appear.  But then what happens?  What initiates the appearance of the next banner?  By closing the text, or a timer?  Nothing happens beyond the initial banner (Trinity).


              2.  Would you like the motion to be smoother?  A motion tween that sets the text into place?


              3. Do you mind if I rewrite the code in AS3?  I'm not very familiar with AS2.


              It shouldn't take me more than 10 minutes once I know how you want it to work.



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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                1) I believe the setInterval activity is what ends up breaking things.  Get rid of all the setInterval and clearInterval elements.  Just use setTimeout instead, which you won't have to worry about clearing.


                2) The file performance is likely suffering due to the size of the images versus the portions of them that actually get used.  Create/crop the images outside of Flash to the size they will be in the Flash file, optimize them, and then import them.  Also, if you combine all the elements that you animate at once together into one symbol (the text, background, and button), and animate that symbol instead of the different pieces separately, things will probably animate more smoothly as well.

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                  Linda Valentin Level 1

                  This is how I would want it to work. The flash starts of with an image and the text box with aroow comes in from the right hand side. You have an option of closing the box to view the full image. Or you can leave it alone and it will continue to the next image on it's own. First by appear on the right hand side and then disppearing to show the full image. Then it fades into the next image and the cycle starts again. Right now it works good up to the last fade where it should go back to the first Image with is the Frame called "Trinty_Appear" in the Main_mc.


                  I haven't thought of adding a second and third button to manuelly control the image for now I would just like it to go on it's own.


                  I don't mind if you use actionsript 3.0 but I prefer 2.0 so I can make changes to it but hey your helping me and i'm very grateful . I have to learn 3.0 at some point.


                  Thanks again for the help and the idea of adding a next button.



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                    Linda Valentin Level 1

                    Thanks I will definitely change the image size on the final project. I never dealt with TimeOut, I'll look it up.

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                      riquigley Level 2

                      Here ya go Linda.  This turned out to be a little more work than I had anticipated, but not too bad.  It's because I thought I'd just be able to go in and tweak what you had, but I didn't understand how you were doing it, nor do I really know anything about as2, so I just redid it.  The images are resized and I think it does what you want.  Take a look at it.  Everything is controlled by AS3, there's nothing on the stage of timeline.


                      I made lots of comments, but let me know if you need any help understanding the logic and flow to tweak it for your own use.


                      Here's the HTML link:

                      http://www.gtcc.edu/distance/learning_objects/flash/test/linda/2010_FHNRZ_HeaderCS3_IQ.htm l


                      The SWF file:



                      The CS3 fla file:


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                        Linda Valentin Level 1

                        Thank you so much for all the help. I liked how you used actionscript to call everything without anything on the stage. I have never done it this way. I don't know actionsript 3.0 but your comments should allow me to create/add and edit more images. The movie works as I imaged.


                        Thanks again,

                        Will it be alright if I give credit to you in the code of the html flash file?



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                          riquigley Level 2

                          Hey Linda,


                          I'm glad it works for you.  You may credit me if you like.  Mostly I'm just glad to be at a point with all this stuff that I can finally help other people with their Flash issues and not just asking questions myself.