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    Getting a DIV to expand to full height on every page.

    synterx Level 1

      Can't seem to get this one to behave. Here's the URL



      The green nav bar on the left with all the links. I want it to expand down to the orange bottom area no matter the page size. I've tried using in the Block dialog, a height of 100%, but that does not do it. I tried putting in a fixed height, but on real long pages, that doesn't work right as expected it shouldn't.


      This page started as one of the preset CSS layouts in DW CS4.


      Any ideas?


      Here's the css from just that DIV:


      .twoColHybLtHdr #sidebar1 {

      float: left;

      width: 200px; /* top and bottom padding create visual space within this div  */

      background-color: 93a74d;

      background-image: url(../images/nav/left-side-pattrern.jpg);

      background-repeat: repeat-y;

      background-position: left top;

      padding-top: 5px;

      padding-right: 7px;

      padding-bottom: 120px;

      padding-left: 0px;

      color: #FFF;

      margin-left: 0px;

      height: 100%;