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    reader is showing the wrong file tags


      i am using sony ereader and ade and both show the file tags wrong


      example:  story is called "about a dragon" the author line says author unknown... what is with that.


      another story says the author is test... or it isays the author is owner... or Andrea Depasture or admimistrator


      tile is listed at (Microsoft Word - ......) or Microsoft word ....



      so how do i correct this problem... i called adobe and THEY DONT  support ADE because it is a free program



      please help



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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Well this depends upon the content.  For purchased files ADE pulls the content from information set by the ACS4 operator, which is not editable and you will need to contact the place you purchased the book from to complain.


          For other content (and it sounds like most of your content is in PDF format) this is information that is in the metadata which you can edit.  ADE however does not provide any facilities to do this.  So you will want to either get a copy of Adobe Acrobat (for PDF files) or an ePub editing application (such as Sigil or eCub or a multitude of others), to modify the the Metadata to make it appear the way you want it before importing the file into ADE.