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    WMV File editing in Premiere Pro CS3




      I know that trying to edit a wmv file is not a smart choice to start the editing process but i really have no choice. My client gave me a couple of wmv files that they recorded on "Live Meeting" to edit.


      Here is my problems: Even though the files that my client provided me are very small size (one of them is 50 minutes and it's only 7MBs, and its frame rate is 4 per second) the quality is okay since it's only the video of presentation. When i try to edit and export a 18 minute video out of it, the file size becomes 3-4 times bigger with a much lower quality.


      Is there a way or tool in Premiere or another software to be able to edit wmv file without sacrifising quality while keeping the file size small.

      Thanks in advance for your answers,