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    2 camera scenerio - how do I efficiently render Cam1 then Cam 2 ?

    David Zeno Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have an interesting question.....


      I filmed a high school play the other day, and used 2 cameras.  One directly at the stage, and another to stage left.


      I've now managed to get both video segments synced up correctly ( something that is very hard to do ) , but now I wish to have camera 1 video play on the time line for say 20 seconds, then it will fade out and camera 2 will be seen.


      Right now I have camera 1 footage on video track 1  and camera 2 footage on track 2.


      Now, at this point, I've just laid in some keyframes, and have video 2 fading in and fading out, using the opacity setting.


      However - something tells me, that this is an efficient way of doing it, because even though track 2 may be faded out ( 0% ) for say 30 seconds, because of its existance on the time line, it is STILL being rendered, and this is making it a longer process for the computer.


      That is my theory - that even footage set to zero opacity still gets rendered ( this is true ? )


      Now, if this is true, how do you suggest I go about it ?   Is the best way to just do a razor cut on video track 2 in areas where I don't want the video to show ? and then use simple fade in and fade out on that section ?


      Thanks for any help.