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    Call AS from HTML

      Is there a way to use an external AS file from HTML? I know I can do basic stuff with asfunction, but I don't know if what I want to do is possible with dynamic text...

      I have two dynamic text boxes on my scene. I want to load text into one (a sub-menu, if you will) and program the text from said external file to load text into the second text box.

      e.g. I have a "lookup scene" where users can click either "By Department" or "By Name". Let's say they click "By Department", that would then load the departments in the first text box (A_txt) from an external HTML. The next thing I want done is have it so if the user clicks on "Administration", it would then load into the second text box (B_txt) on the scene. I don't know how to reference one dynamic text box from another.

      Does this make sense? Am I going about it the wrong way entirely?
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          it doens't make sense to talk about executing an as file from anywhere. an as file must be compiled into a swf and then it has executable code.

          if you want textfield substrings to be clickable and cause the execution of as, you must use an html-enabled textfield and the asfunction. you can use this to determine which text file to load and display in the 2nd textfield.