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    Hiding Slides in Presenter


      How can I hide individual slides in the Outline in Presenter?  I have several slides that cover the same topic and I only want the first slide's title to appear in the outline.

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          robva65 Level 2

          Hi Bruce,


          Question: have you tried hiding the slide while in PowerPoint?  Meaning, that while working in PowerPoint, you should be able to select a slide's thumbnail in the left most panel, right click it and select "hide slide" from the bottom of the pop up menu that will appear.





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            brucewayne898 Level 1



            Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried doing that but it completely hides the slide during the presentation as well.

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              robva65 Level 2

              Hi Bruce,


              Then what exactly are you attempting to accomplish?  I guess I didn't understand your original question.  If you hide the slide in PowerPoint, then yes, it won't be included in the Outline panel of the published content.  In which case, you'd need to provide some navigational aide to move from a visible slide to a hidden one.


              Most times, we use either a graphic or some text that's hyperlinked from the visible slide so that you can navigate to a slide that's been hidden.


              Additionally, I provide a link back to the visible slide, again either using a graphic (like a "return" button) or a text box that's hyperlinked back to the slide I want to see again.


              Anyway, if I've totally missed the mark here, please let me know...and in turn if you could provide any additional details, then maybe we'll be able to work out a solution for you.





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                Did you ever find a solution for this? (I understand what you are trying to do.)

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                  brucewayne898 Level 1

                  No I didn't and decided to go back to using Articulate.

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                    Sorry about bringing this thread back to life, but it is mostly related : )


                    I'm looking for a solution to this actually.  It appears that presenter does not hide hidden slides that are within the quiz boundary.  Here's what I want:


                    Slide X: Describe content about butterflies.


                    Question 1: about butterflies.

                         Right (goto question 2)

                         Wrong (goto slide X, allow user to review slide X, then return to quiz )


                    This doesn't work because I can't figure out how to allow the user to return to the quiz after reviewing that slide - I can put a link back to the quiz on that slide, but I only want the link to appear after the quiz has started.  Can't figure out how to do that, since VBA dies when the presentation is compiled.


                    Question 1:

                         Right (goto question 2)

                         Wrong (goto next slide)

                    Slide Y: A duplicate of slide X.

                         Link 1: Return to question 1

                         Link 2: Continue viewing the presentation (jumps back to "real" presentation content)

                    Question 2 ...


                    This doesn't work because despite Slide Y being "hidden" in powerpoint, it still shows up in the quiz overview.


                    This means I have to group all of the Slide Y review slides together outside of the quiz boundary, which is not good for organization; I wanted to keep the review slide next to the matching question.


                    So I could actually use an answer either to my first problem A) don't show a link on slide X until the quiz starts or B) how can I hide slides that are within the quiz boundaries.