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    AS2 variable

      I have a site I am working on that is based on a full flash template. In this site there is a contact form that has layers for the input fields, actions and send buttons. The send is a movie clip, in that clip is the send button.

      Here is my problem. I can not figure out how to send the variables from the inputText via the button in the send movie clip. I have placed a button over the send movie clip for now and that seems to work fine. I just have no mouseOver effects for the send now.

      I asume I need to call the variables from the _parent inputText fields. I can change the variables with my reset button (same as send) if i use _parent.name = "name:". How can I send these variables getURL _POST ?

      Im sorry if this is confusing. I am new to flash and AS. Thank you for any help.

      Here is the working code for "reset", how can I send these variables to my email.php via the "send" button in the same frame

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if the reset button is also a movieclip you can use:

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            k1ll1nt1m3 Level 1
            Thank you for your responce. I have no knowledge of AS2 or flash. I am trying to teach myself this stuff. I dont understand how your code works. Is that a way of calling variables from the parent? Or do I attach that to the movieclip. My "send" button is actully "submit", sorry, so I changed your code as best I could.

            I thought your code gave me what I needed but, I was wrong. My new code for the button in the movieclip calls email.php but still no variables.

            From the "submit" button ScriptAssist says this is the path to one InputText, "this._parent.t4". I know the var is "name".
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              you should read about the loadvars class in the flash help files (actionscript 2.0 language/actionscript classes/loadvars).

              it's not good practice to attach code to movieclips and buttons. it's much better to give the movieclip or button an instance name and use that in your code: