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    Need urgent help with Illustrator graphs

    Mr Danepak



      I'm no expert with Illustrator graphs at all, but feel that I can work my way around it (sort of).


      However, I need someones help:


      A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to a job interview as a typesetter.
      There was a test involved too with a bit of typesetting in InDesign and there were also a couple of Illustrator graphs.
      Now, the girl who showed me the computer with the files in it, didn't have a clue where half the stuff was (requested image files to be updated etc.).
      I managed to find them myself (JPEG's).
      However, there were a few Illustrator charts too.
      One of them was a pie chart.
      I managed to find two Illustrator files. An .AI file and an .EPS file.
      They both looked identical to me.
      And when I clicked on the chart, there were no option to plot in numbers.
      I didn't bother asking the girl, as she clearly wouldn't know.
      Instead I found someone else file on the network and copied it onto the computer - renamed it and voila, job done!
      However...I've now been told that the job is mine.


      This is why I'm asking if there is another way to update a chart.
      Should I have clicked on something else?
      When I clicked on the chart, it just reacted like normal graphics.
      No input box.

      It was a basic update of a pie chart, changing from 95% - 5% to 98% - 2%.


      Please help!

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          Scott Falkner Level 6

          Impossible without seeing the file.  It may be that the graphic was a pie chart at one time and had been ungrouped, making it just a bunch of paths. It may be the graph was created using Illustrator’s drawing tools, never having been a graph as far as Illustrator is concerned. Or it may be the graph was grouped with other objects and you had selected the group, not the graph.


          The Layers panel can help. Select the graph, then look to see what’s selected. Is it a group? Expand the group and continue expanding groups until you see an item called <Graph>. Option click on <Graph> and you’ll have only the graph selected. Now you can use any of Illustrator’s graph-specific commands, most easily accessed using the contextual (right-click) menu.


          Screen shot 2010-04-29 at 7.32.55 PM.PNG

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            Mr Danepak Level 1


            I really appreciate your help.

            I wasn't aware of the layer panel/graph thing, so will keep this in mind.


            Once again, thanks!