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      I'm new to the Sony Z7U camera and despite a great deal of reading, am confused about the formats.

      According to Sony 7U has two types of progressive shooting modes:


      1. 24p/30p HDV Native Progressive

      2. 24p/30p Progressive Scan


      When I go the menu it shows only one REC FORMAT - HDV 1080i

      The next menu item is "HDV PROGRE", which has following options:

      1. REC TYPE - Interlace, SCAN TYPE: 60, 24P, 24A P, 30P



      My goal is to create a Blu Ray or SD NTSC DVD. Testing camera I noticed that 1080i/ Interlace 60 shows smoother video on the camera’s LCD screen.


      My questions are:

      1. Which format is better (I am primarily shooting weddings)

      2. Is there an advantage of one over the other?

      3. When I output to DVD, are there any interlacing/de-interlacing/converting/etc necessary?

      4. Which sequence setting is appropriate for each type of editing (CS4)? HDV 1080i (60i), HDV 1080p30, etc.?


      Thanks in advance. D


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          shooternz Level 6

          With all due respect but...


          Sounds like you have a little business running.


          Seeing that you have all the gear and the editing system...why dont you invest a bit of time doing some tests with the camera and the sequence settings to satisfy yourself what looks best in the product you are selling.


          You will gain much by doing this for your self although I am sure someone familiar with your camera model will chime in and get you started with some opinion.


          Sequence settings advice : match the camera setting.


          Which format is better ?: you need to be the judge of that.