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    Help please.  I can't "end" my video and it's too long for YouTube.


      Hi there.  I hope someone can help me, because I am in tears!  This is the first time I have used PE8.  I was able to import my video, which was about 20 minutes long.  I clipped, deleted parts and am left with about a 7 minute video.  My problem is that there is a screen AFTER my last clip that contains almost the entire video AGAIN.  It is making my 7 minute video, 27 minutes.  When I right-click, I can't delete it.  I tried to set a "stop" marker, but I don't know what in the world I am doing.  I am SO frustrated and just want to be able to UL this video to YouTube and be done with it. Along the bottom on the timeline area, there is a LONG line and I can see where it ends, but I can't move it, change it or delete it. PLEASE help.  I have been messing with this for over THREE HOURS.


      Thanks in advance.