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    John Hall Level 4

      I'm really not picking a fight intentionally, but what was the thinking behind dividing the forum between a forum that addresses issues related to FlashBuilder and one that supports the Flex SDK? So should FlashBuilder forum questions solely address questions about the IDE while the Flex SDK one address programming questions? Not being sarcastic. I'm not sure where one should post now.

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          David_F57 Level 5

          hi John,


          I was a little less diplomatic than you when I raised this issue






          Already 1/2 the questions in the new forum are coding related and a few get cross posted due to people trying to work out where they will at least get a response. I suppose the powers to be have a plan I just don't understand what that is yet .




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            Flex harUI Adobe Employee

            That's a reasonable dividing line.  I don't know the official reason myself,

            but I'm glad there are now two forums because I will not lurk on the Flash

            Builder forum because I don't write any of the code for Flash Builder and

            therefore have no "expertise" there.


            I do write code that goes in the Flex SDK and generally know who to bug

            about other code in the SDK I haven't written so if one of my colleagues is

            really busy and not paying attention to forum postings I can point them to

            unanswered posts in their domain of knowledge.


            I would offer that the dividing line is really whether you are having

            trouble with the tools, including the code generated by the tools, or

            whether you are having trouble understanding with the components and

            infrastructure in the SDK.


            One cross-over point would probably be profiling.  Even though I didn't

            write the profiler for Flash Builder, I have lots of experience using it so

            if you are debugging memory leak or performance issues I would ask those

            questions on this forums.  If you are having trouble getting the profiler or

            debugger to run, though, ask that on the Flash Builder forum.