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    DateField from Flex 4 to PHP-mysql


      Problem :

      when inserting a record from flex to mysql the date is reduced by 1 day.

      changes the date to 1 days ahead..like flex"13/12/2009" to mysql"12/12/2009"


      in Flex

      m15.POSTON = pOSTONDateField2.selectedDate;



      PHP is genereated by Flash Builder ..no changes in that.

      $item->POSTON->toString('YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss')


      mySQL works fine.


      Here is the interesting bit..when I change my computer location from UTC +10( Australia) to UTC + 0..it works fine.


      changed the PHP setting date.timezone ="Australia/Brisbane"




      stilll same result..


      Why dose this happen how do I fix it.