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    Hosting Director Xtras (.ppc, .carb, .w32). & Refreshing Shockwave Content!




      I'm running Director 2004 under XP pro.


      I've written a specialised FTP client that runs as a .dcr embedded in a webpage. So far so, good. The app works fine, but I'm using a shared hosting service with fasthosts and they do not appear to permit downloading of filetypes that are unspecified on their systems. So when I try to download the necessary .w32 file, the server denies it exists. I've talked to Fasthosts and they are "thinking about" including .w32, .x32, .ppc, .carb and so on filetypes in the shared server configuration as application/x-director, but I suspect it will take some time for them to get their act together.


      This isn't much of a problem in the development phase (tweaked the local DNS a bit) but it'll be a problem when the system goes live!


      The xtra I'm using is DirectFTP from www.directxtras.com


      So to cut to the chase, does anyone know of any resource paid or free that will host and allow the download of the nececessary files?


      Many thanks



      And while I'm here, does anyone know how to force a browser to reload a .dcr from the site itself instead of using the copy in the local browser cache? It's a bit of a pain deleting locally cached files all the time.


      Again many thanks in advance.