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    Fireworks XML RPC through Java


      I'm considering writing an application to interface with Fireworks to make it easier to export groups/layers/etc to 9slice XHTML/CSS/PNG as Fireworks make's this rather tedious.


      I've started playing around in Java using the (incredibly poorly documented) XML RPC functionality in Fireworks.


      However, it's running very slowly. Each call takes ~200ms to get a result. Considering my program currently consists of listing out the names of the layers , and the fact that it takes 11 round trips totaling ~2s, the slow execution speed may put a quick end to my project.


      Any ideas on how to get round-trips to be faster?

      Is XML RPC significantly faster in CS5 compared to CS4?

      Is there something wrong with my Java code?


      Here's what I have so far: