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    Flash debugger needs an expression-watch window

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      I would like to propose in next update of (CS4 or CS5 - if it hasn't yet implemented) to add an expression-watch window.


      I want to use Debugger to find a bug, inside a movieclip, that has dynamic created other movieclips and I want to check some variables. Utilizing the debbuger as is now, for this case, is almost useless - I use trace() instead.



      var ny = mmask.y-DCs[Cur].y;


      I want to see the value of DCs[Cur].y.


      In order to see this, in current debugger, I have to:

      1. Check "Cur" variable. I.e. Cur == 5.

      2. Open Object "this" and find the DCs

      3. Open Object DCs[5], and search for y.


      It's total timewaste... ...a "trace(DCs[Cur].y);" command is faster - and repeatable in any re-run!...


      I never used the Flash CS3/CS4 debugger, because of the lack of such a feature. I don't know if it exist - if it is, please inform me on how to do it.


      Add a "watch" variables window, that will allow expression that will refresh them.


      It would be excellent - for debugging - instead of using "trace()" to dynamically check code and expressions, to add the "trace" string, into a window of the debbuger, and it to be validate automatically in each refresh (every step/forced refresh).


      Thus instead of using trace() here and there in my code, with identifiers in the string, to know where the trace is refering, I would use the trace strings in that expression-watch window - organized in tabs (groups).


      It would be great, if we could use and multiple tabs - to set groups of watch-expressions. (I.e. in C++, MSVC 6, had 5 tabs for such reason - and you could add more (and name them)). It also would be great, if those tabs and their watch-expression, could be saved into the file, during saving - thus then to restore them as is, during .fla loading.


      I am hoping in CS5 to have add that feature.


      That would be a great power for Flash Debugger (replacing trace() with Debugger UI tracing window -> expressions-watch window!), and it would be a really good reason to use it - and/or buy Flash (instead of free applications) for that professional reason.




      Btw, also please add the feature to saving the Actionscript Tabs into the .fla file!... It's annoying thing, everytime i am reloading a .fla file, to have to re -set the Actionscripts tabs, in order to continue my work!...


      Ps. If this message, is not going to be seen from developers of Flash, please tell me where to add the aboves suggestions for future updates of Adobe Flash - or add them, yourselves!