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    How to load one movieclip after the other, without looping?

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      I am new to Flash, and am trying to make this file work, in Flash CS4, using AS2. First some info on my file. I have 2 movieclips, mc1 and mc2. mc1 is in the first frame in scene1, it plays out for 138 frames, after which the scene darkens for 15 frames and then mc2 starts playing.


      The problem is that I cannot get the timeline to stop looping after it moves onto to mc2. I have tried everything, I have a stop function in the last frame, stop functions within mc2. I even tried a gotoandStop(mc2_Frameno). Nothing works. It still keeps looping. When I extended the mc1 layer to the complete extent of mc2 layer, then it did not loop. But I don't want that as it is causing undesirable effects on the screen.


      All I want is to play mc1 and mc2 one after the other, with no breaks. After entering mc2, the timeline needs to stop once buttons are loaded in mc2. But after loading the buttons, it moves out of mc2 and starts playing the timeline again.


      I am extremely frustrated as I cannot understand why this is happening. I am new and am clearly unaware of the mistake I am making, and would really really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to do this. mc1 and mc2 are not loaded with AS2, just put on the stage at the right frames. I tried to unload mc1 with unloadMovie, but it still won't work. Please Help Me.