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    Contents of a space as file attachments to a non-interactive PDF

    Wim_68 Level 1


      I have a process that allows the retrieval of items from a space in content services and attaches those files (.xml, .pdf, .doc, .xls, .docx, ...) as file attachments to an interactive, reader-extended pdf (I achieve this using an attachments-map and the FormsService.renderPDFForm service).

      However, when I transform the interactive PDF into a non-interactive version of the document (using OutputService.generatePDFOutput) I lose my attachments.


      My final objective is to provide my end-user with a portfolio or a static pdf with file attachments. Those attachments are retrieved from content services and their number varies as well as the type of attachments (pdf, xls, doc, docx, xml, jpg, png, ...). Please advice on how to achieve this objective, without having to provide the end-user the interactive document.