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    Before I Start Learning, Can I Do This...

    Garethi Level 1

      Hi team.


      Am looking with great interest at catalyst. I have downloaded the trial and can see its gonna be a learning curve so I wanted to ask if the following is achievable before starting.


      I create tender documents for our company in indesign using a book comprising 10 or more sections with auto page numbering etc.


      In the PDF that is created I wanted a few interactive elements. Nothing too silly. i was thinking instead of a static contents page something a little more interesting, or perhaps for key sections of the document very subtle animations etc.


      Can I in some way integrate flash elements within a PDF? And can I apply this to my indesign documents reasonably simply?


      So for example the PDF would comprise a static front cover, and then the contents page would have a little animation in the back ground with buttons to click to get to the main sections, perhaps with a roll over showing a brief description and then the main bulk of the PDF would be simple static text/pictures as one might expect in a Tender.


      I am running CS4 at the moment and a trial of Cataylst.


      Can I do the above, either with or without flash and can I do this in anyone in indesign already but never spotted it!


      Many thanks