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    Seam.2.2 with Adobe Air




           I'm trying to seam application with Adobe Air.


      1. However when i hit http://localhost:8090/Demo/Demo.swf it throws exception. What m'I missing?

      2. When exported as installer and run it it gives the [flex object async token] status instead of message. Do I need to add any related files while export? How can I do that?


      In my seam project I have added the Air Project type and output is config to webContent folder of the project. Followed the tutorials from http://www.exadel.com/flamingo/docs/guide/en/html/CreateNewFlamingoProject.html & http://www.exadel.com/flamingo/docs/guide/en/html/GettingStarted.html


      3. Further, what jars/dpendencies are needed to run the .swf compiled with Adobe Air?



           Eclipse 3.5

           Flex Plugin 4

           Seam 2.2.0



      Thank you in advance!