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      I have created 3 mxml components for my application and i would like them to act as pages.I would like to call these components from my main file which consists of just an application toolbar and some logo.I know i can put them in a viewstack and link it with navigation containers,but i would like to call them from my application toolbar which has three link buttons.What really interests me is how Flex deals with page navigation(i am a Flex newbie)?


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          Hopefully you are using Flashbuilder, this has excellent state management and in some ways using the states are much cleaner than viewstacks(personal opinion), any way the following example shows states used to navigate between components, buttons can move between the state and in the first state the component sends an event to the app which switches states. Its very basic but displays ways you can use states with components.


          http://gumbo.flashhub.net/wizard/  source included (right click on the app to choose show source)




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            Yes i am using Flex Builder,and thank you for answer.Working with states to call components may be just what i needed.