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    Camera Raw updates for CS3

    gordon robb

      I have been waiting for Camera Raw to update so that I can use it for my Canon 550D (

      T2i). I know that 5.7  came out and supports it, but this doesn't work the CS3. Can any

      one tell me how I get an updated camera raw that I can  us with my more than adequate CS3 suite?

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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          Hi Gordon,


          You can use DNG Converter 5.7 to process your 550D/T2i .CR2 files into DNG files. The resulting DNG files can then be read in CS3.



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            gordon robb Level 1

            I tried that, but got some very poor results. I will go back and look at that again to see if I

            can change any of the settings.


            My big issue is that I cannot use the workflow that I have been using.


            I capture the files from inside bridge into a working folder. I then sort and grade and enter keywords etc. Once I have deleted the dross I conver to DNG and put in my final archive structure where I work on them properly. Problem is without the camera raw support, bridge wont even let me import them.


            I am not too happy if Adobe are saying that I would have to upgrade to CS4 or even CS5 when everything else in my suite is just dandy for my needs.


            Thanks for the help thought, I'll take a look.

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              JimHess-DIrcbP Level 3

              To be a little more clear, there will be no more Camera Raw updates for Photoshop CS3.  Updates are only provided for the current release of Photoshop.  As was mentioned by Eric, you can use the latest DNG converter to create Digital negative copies of your raw files that you can open with your version of Camera Raw.  The last version of ACR for Photoshop CS3 was 4.6.  If you have that installed, there is nothing further to look forward to.

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                Here's the rub with using the DNG Converter to support an old ACR (like 4.6 for CS3).  As the converters advance they output a newer DNG format, and there's a "Compatibility" preference that can be set in the converter to force an earlier DNG format.  The problem is that when the DNG Converter is run by another software tool (an ingestion tool, for example), you can't set the compatibility preference and it doesn't get saved by the Converter either.  Thus, it appears you might run into a problem in that the newest DNG Converter could output a format that your ACR wouldn't read.


                I say "appears" because I tried the Version 5.5 DNG Converter with a bunch of NEF files from two different Nikon models, and the output was accepted by ACR 4.6 into the CS3 without making any changes to the compatibility preference.  I can't find any reference online as to whether the older cameras (those that came out when ACR 4.6 was the latest) are still output in the older DNG format even with the later DNG Converters, or what.  Do you have any idea how this really works?