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    Links in AP divs


      There is a bottom nav bar on the intranet site that I'm working on. This nav bar is in an AP div, and I want to add links to the text (i.e., Contact Us, Trivia, Home). I added an href tag to Home and the link worked; however, the text in the bottom nav bar is changed color and is now underlined. Does anyone know how to solve this or a better way to add links to an AP div?



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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Linked text assumes the default style defined in your CSS code.  If no link styles are defined, you get the standard browser default which is blue and underlined.


          To define links with CSS, add the following to your stylesheet (change colors to suit your site):


          a {/**all links**/




          a:link {/**unvisited links**/

          color: red;



          a:visited {/**visited links**/

          color: gray;





          a:focus {/**on mouseover, onclick, onfocus**/

          color: green;




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